Enterprises, LLC
Planes Enterprises, established June 16, 2005 in Auburn, Alabama, is a
Limited Liability Company with the foremost objective of providing the safest,
most efficient, aircraft management services.  Although the primary function
of Planes Enterprises is the ferrying of aircraft we will oversee maintenance
and other activities for your aircraft.  Planes Enterprises does not perform
maintenance on aircraft, that is left to FAA certified mechanics.  We will,
however, administer scheduling of such maintenance with a mechanic of
your choice, pick up your airplane, return it home, and put it in its hangar.

We also provide safe, efficient delivery of your aircraft from anywhere to
anywhere. Our experienced "chief" pilot, Brian Kervin, is at your service,
with reasonable advance notice, for any flight.  Single and  Multi-engine
rated, Brian has over 2,500 hours total flight time, with over 900 multi-
engine hours.

Please call for rates and availability.

(334) 332-4876

Thank you for your business!